ARAD protective cream - Hand and nail care


Customers' feedback

The following are some of the many positive customers' comments

„ARAD protective cream has had substantial curative and beneficial effects for Czech health care workers, particularly in the case of chronic work-related dermatitis, in the occurrence of atopic eczema, in health care staff suffering from psoriasis, and in the cases of minor abrasions, pressure sores and chapped skin. The cream is rated very positively throughout the University Hospital in Pilsen, where it is commonly used in all the hospital wards as the basic protective cream, which meets the needs of the health care staff and also complies with the requirements of Government Regulation No. 495/2001“

Coll. Ing. Andrea Mašínová, MBA, Deputy Director for Nursing Care, University Hospital in Pilsen

„The results of the ARAD tests have shown that in 7 to 20 days about 90% of skin issues, including itching and chapped skin, especially between the knuckles, were gone. Our employees evaluate the cream very positively and use it to comply with the legally required standards in the area of occupational hygiene and safety. “

Ing. Vladimír Jindra, Occupational Hygiene and Safety Inspector, SD – Rail Transport, a.s. Kadaň

„For the past 25 years I've been working as a nurse at an orthopedic clinic. I've been using the ARAD cream for about a year now and I'm very satisfied with it. For sanitary reasons, I have to use disinfectants and wash my hands often, and to my surprise thanks to using ARAD cream my skin is not as dry as before. After its application, the cream creates a protective film on the hands, so it is not necessary to use it as often. Not only is ARAD cream absorbed easily and is not greasy, which is important for me, but it also smells very nice.“

Heidi Schaden, a nurse at an orthopedic clinic in Vienna, Austria

„Our employees rate very highly the effect of ARAD cream on the hands of repairmen that are exposed to oil products and other chemical substances in the workplace.“

Jiří Čada, labor union leader

„Long-lasting symptoms of psoriasis on the hands of our employee, caused by frequent use of disinfectants, were eliminated by regular use of ARAD protective cream.“

M. Šeinerová, Intensive Care Unit at the Motol University Hospital in Prague

„In our construction company, we had the samples tested by 400 construction workers as well as our office staff. Their evaluation was unanimously in favor of ARAD compared to other, previously used creams and protective ointments. Our employees now use the cream because of its properties – quick absorption by the skin, long-lasting effect of the protective film on the hands, pleasant smell, softer hands, no greasy spots when handling objects, and one employee with psoriasis feels no itching after applying the cream.“

Lipa Vladimír, Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Technician, Strabag Slovakia

„The product was tested over a period of 40 days. All our employees who were provided with a sample of ARAD cream expressed satisfaction with its properties, whether in terms of its effect on the skin, its spreadability, absorption without leaving greasy spots, and the length of the protective effect after washing one's hands once or twice.“

Július Orban, Chairman of ZO IOZ Bus Division, DPB a.s.